Utility warehouse cashback card

How the UW cashback card can benefit you

It may sound odd to think that you can save money by going shopping, but with the Utility Warehouse cashback card you can! Indeed, you can rake in savings of up to 7%, which come straight off your UW bill for basic household costs. That means that, once you’re a customer, you really do save on regular outgoings by spending elsewhere. It’s yet another advantage of being with one of the oldest energy firms outside the traditional ‘Big Six’.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that more than 300,000 cashback cards are already in circulation as UW customers increasingly wake up to the associated benefits.

How it works

It genuinely couldn’t be more straightforward. Remember, you’re already saving money by rolling regular expenses such as energy, broadband, insurance and mobile phone charges into one straightforward bill. Now all you have to do is spend using your cashback card and your savings come straight off your regular monthly UW total. That means that you save twice over!

Here’s how you can start saving, in three simple steps:

  • Add money to your UW Cashback card

You can do this in moments online or via the UW app, which is available as iOS or Android.

  • Save while you spend

Earn up to 7% cashback (it varies according to the individual retailer) via UW’s retail partners. But you can also earn 1% when spending anywhere else if you use UW for two of the following services: gas, electricity, landline and broadband.  It really is that simple.

  • Feel the benefit as your savings add up

UW offers good clarity on how much you’re saving each month. And whatever your cashback tally, it will show up as a credit directly added to your UW bill.

Big brands, big savings – UW cashback card partners

We know you’re probably keen to learn which leading brands can save you money when you shop with the UW cashback card. The list includes household names like M & S, Boots, Sainsbury’s, B&Q, Argos and H. Samuel. In other words, the kind of stores you’re likely to be visiting pretty regularly anyway. And, of course, you can make some serious savings on big purchases or things like major DIY projects.

There’s more information in the cashback section of the Utility Warehouse app, and you can also learn more here.

What’s more, if you travel a lot or enjoy frequent foreign holidays, UW will refund all foreign exchange charges accrued when using your cashback card abroad straight back to your account. 

Have more than one cardholder

This is a great way of maximising savings. And it’s perfectly fine to add cards to your account – log on to do this in minutes.

Finally, the cashback card provider, PSI-Pay Ltd, an authorised e-money institution, protects your money in the unlikely event of insolvency. So you can’t lose!

Sign up for your Utility Warehouse cashback card today and start saving – do be in touch with us if you have any questions at all about how it works.