Save whilst you shop with UW cashback card

Save further with our UW cashback card

More than 300,000 cashback customers have our exclusive cashback cards, saving them money every day. Effectively, you’re helping to pay household bills just by going shopping!

The way it works couldn’t be simpler. Let us roll all your utility and home insurance services into a single, straightforward bill – and then start saving!

UW Cashback Partners:

Just do your regular shopping at big names like Sainsbury’s, Boots, Argos, Primark, B&Q, M&S and others.
Get up to 7% cashback using the card for each pound you spend. You also earn 1% when you shop elsewhere with the card. This money then comes directly off your monthly bill with us. This adds to the great savings you’re already enjoying as a customer of ours.

Savings on your utility bills through spending

Easily accessible UW cashback card:

Refer a friend & earn up to £50

Did you know that you can earn money by recommending TRUESAVINGS to a friend? If they switch to us, you could get up to £50 credited on your next bill.

If you know anyone who would like to save money on their utility bills then please let us know. They can save money, you can earn money!

Refer a Friend

TRUESAVINGS allows you to combine all your services into one bill.

The more services you take, the more money you will save. Take a look at our other services below, to see the further savings you can expect with TRUESAVINGS.

With the current energy crisis you’ll want to do all you can to save on your energy bills. With TRUESAVINGS you can start saving on your energy bills when spending with our retailers.

When taking out home insurance with TRUESAVINGS we’ll offer you £50 credit when you first top up your cashback card.

Want to save more money on your mobile bills?
Get one of our cashback cards today to start saving.

When choosing one of our fibre optic broadband deals you’ll instantly be able to start saving on your utilities bills by gaining credit for your cashback card.

UW Cashback card FAQ's

Additional card holders are completely FREE to add onto your UW cashback card, meaning that you can increase your qualifying spend to reduce bills further.

From big supermarkets to classic restaurants and retail favourites, we’ve partnered with dozens of popular brands to help you save even more money on your UW bill.

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Argos
  • B&Q
  • Boots
  • M&S
  • Foot Locker

View more details about our partners. 

Choose from three amazingly fast options, including Fibre which provides the best connection.

Enjoy one of the best unlimited data deals in the UK with our Unlimited SIM for your mobile for just £18 a month.

From buildings and contents insurance to UW Boiler & Home Cover, we’re here to help and protect what’s important.

Award winning energy that always beats the Ofgem “fair price” calculation by up to 5%.

Earn money the smart way

Did you know that you could get up to £370 every time you help someone switch their services to TRUESAVINGS.

Whether you want to save some money for the future or build your own team, our training and support for our Partners can help you reach your goals even on a part time basis.

Part time opportunities to earn

At True Savings we offer part time job opportunities to earn money whether you’re retired, or a mum who wants to work from home.

Offering flexible working hours and the opportunity to earn based on how much you work.

Get your cashback card today

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